Submission Intake Insights

Streamlined, Accelerated and Smarter Underwriting

CogniSure’s purpose-built solution for commercial lines, Submission Insights, helps you automate the ingestion of submission documents such as application forms, loss runs, SOVs, and schedules, automates critical pre-underwriting decisions, and unlocks insights for better decision-making. Submission Insights helps you write more profitable business in less time with fewer resources.

Problem Statement

Traditional submission processes dents commercial underwriting performance
  • 100 million submissions received by US commercial insurers
  • 40% of underwriter tasks are spent on non-core and administrative tasks
  • Annual efficiency loss of between $17 billion and $32 billion

Submission Intake Insights Overview

Submission Intake Insights - Deeper Insights from Unstructured Submission Documents

Extensively Pre-trained on Submission Documents

Pre-trained on 100+ ACORD forms and versions, loss runs from 200+ carriers, and 1000+ Schedules / SOVs types and formats.

Submission Validation and Enrichment

Rapid fusion of submission data with in-house and 3rd party data to validate and enrich submission data extracted from documents.

Pre-integrated with Market-Leading Core Platforms

Pre-integrated with our platform provider partners such as Duck Creek, Guidewire, Insurity, Salesforce, and Pega

Powerful Risk Insights for Underwriting Decision Making

500+ risk insights based on submission and industry data to enhance risk selection and pricing decisions

Submission Intake Insights - Reports and Analytics

Dive into a wealth of data-driven reports that provide a clear overview of your submissions – uncovering trends, bottlenecks, and opportunities. With our analytical tools, you can navigate through submission data with ease, gaining a deeper understanding of risk factors and market dynamics.

Trained Algorithms

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Submission Document Types

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Carrier Loss Runs

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Major P&C Commercial Lines

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Submission Data Elements

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Loss Runs coverage from Top 50 Carriers

Client Testimonials

Uncover, Analyze, Excel: The Power of Submission Intake Insights

Make informed decisions that propel your underwriting strategies to new heights of excellence and create a future defined by precision, efficiency, and success.