Loss Run Insights

Unlock Insights Buried in Loss Run Documents

Our Loss Runs Insights solution is a complete offering that handles the intake of loss runs as well as the analysis of documents from multiple carriers - transforming to the canonical data set and generating insights from unused data sets that provide powerful predictive analysis to drive better decision-making.

Problem Statement

Highly variable or inconsistent loss run documents across carriers
  • 20K + hours spent analyzing loss run documents by a mid-size broker
  • 40% of data embedded in loss runs is untapped and not leveraged for negotiating with underwriters
  • Brokers struggle to consolidate data at the account level due to different formats
  • Unstructured formats – PDF, Excel, and scanned images

Loss Run Insights Overview

Loss Run Insights - 40% More Granular Analysis from Loss Run Documents

Loss Run Summary

Generate insights on loss summaries. View stratification by location, causes and body parts. Leverage dashboards highlighting potential areas of risk mitigation.

Historical Loss Trends

We offer a comprehensive system that automatically aggregates and updates loss data from multiple carriers. Brokers and underwriters leverage the data set created by CogniSure to optimize risk management strategies.

Loss Data Enrichment

Our ML models can connect dark data points hidden within the documents; we predict missing data that is critical to loss analysis.

Loss Data Standardization

We normalize and cleanse loss run data, received from multiple carriers in a system agnostic, consistent, and uniform dataset ready for analysis.

Loss Summary Reporting - Summarization and Stratification of Losses

Loss Run Insights streamlines the broker’s reporting of loss data to their clients, automating the process and enabling clients to evaluate their insurance coverage for informed risk management decisions.

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Custom Loss Run Reports

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Major Commercial Lines

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Harness the Potential of Loss Run Data with CogniSure AI

Move beyond traditional manual processes and embark on a journey of intelligent decision-making by harnessing the potential of loss run data through our innovative solution.