Benefit Insights

Automated Financial Reporting and Decision-Making Workbench

Our Benefit Insights platform synthesizes scattered data sets from a myriad of carrier reports and delivers a standardized reporting format with actionable insights. It deploys smart analytics to empower employers to analyze employee behavior and pharmacy cost trends to identify opportunities for optimizing benefit plans.

Problem Statement

Synthesizing scattered data elements across carrier documents:
  • A broker with 100 accounts takes at least 10,000 person-hours synthesizing carrier reports
  • Brokers receive 20+ carrier reports which are highly inconsistent and variable
  • 2.5 hours spent reviewing 5 SBC documents for each account
  • Regulatory and compliance requirements increase complexity

Benefit Insights Overview

Benefit Insights: Collaboration Tool With Smarter Analytics​

Benefit Insights empowers employers to determine drivers of cost and coverage gaps, as well as behavioral information. The actionable insights equip them with cost-saving opportunities. Analysis of factors driving expenses, such as the ever-increasing cost of prescription drugs, allows users to design cost-effective benefits plans.

Standardized Financial Reporting Package Output

Delivers a standardized monthly financial reporting package for each account within minutes.

Employee Behavior Pattern Analysis

The platform has smart analytical capabilities which helps employers understand employee behavior such as high claimant and enrollment analysis.

Claims Analysis

Analysis of claims helps in identifying benefit program surplus or deficits.

Budget Reconciliation

Track and monitor actual costs against budget. Automated notifications for stop loss threshold limits.

Rx Utilization Analysis

Users can analyze factors driving expenses which helps analyze cost effective benefit plans.

HIPAA compliant

HIPAA compliant to protect and secure Protected Health Information.

Benefit Portal for Financial Monthly Reporting

A powerful tool to effortlessly manage and report on your employee benefits programs. With our user-friendly interface, you can access real-time insights into benefit utilization, cost analysis, and trends. Our portal streamlines the reporting process, enabling you to generate comprehensive financial reports with ease.

Trained Algorithms

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  • Medical providers
  • PBMs (Pharmacy Benefit Managers)
  • TPAs
  • Stop loss carriers
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Claims Reports

  • Monthly medical claims
  • Monthly prescription drug claims
  • Rebate reports
  • High claims information
  • Stop loss reimbursements
  • Utilization reports
  • IBNR reports
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Rates and Fee Reports

  • Policy documents
  • Eligibility
  • Enrollment
  • Product/ plan design information
  • Applications
  • Employee contribution models
  • Rates and fee detail

Client Testimonials

Employee Well-Being: Insights that Shape Benefit Strategies

Gain access to a wealth of data-driven insights to design benefit packages that align with your company culture and drive employee satisfaction.